Q?How do we begin?

At Beautiful Rooms, we will set up an initial meeting at no charge to discuss your project and determine the best way to proceed.  You may review the portfolio of “before & after”, award-winning rooms and share any design ideas you have seen and liked.  A ballpark total for the project will be approved. Before proceeding with a comprehensive design plan, there is a non-refundable design fee which may be applied to a product purchase within 60 days.  The amount varies, depending on the scope of the job, but is usually within $250 – 500.

Q?How does Beautiful Rooms charge?

In the interior design industry, there are no standards for compensation and each designer sets their own fee structure such as: hourly, cost plus, retail, project fee or a combination of some or all.  It is important that you have a clear understanding of how the interior designer will be compensated.

At Beautiful Rooms, when providing home furnishings, we work on a retail basis which means we buy at wholesale and sell at retail.  There are no hidden costs or additional hourly fees.

If you do not need or wish to purchase furnishings from Beautiful Rooms, we can work on an hourly or project basis at $100 – 125 per hour.  This may work best when you are in need of a color consultation, existing furniture arrangement plans, project selections or you need advice but want to do your own shopping.

Q?What information do I need to provide?

Have your answers ready.  What are your color preferences?  Style?  Basic priorities?  Think about your functional needs as well as the feeling you want to achieve.  Give some thought to what you want to invest in the project.  Even if you don’t know how much remodeling or new home furnishings will cost, you probably know how much you are willing to spend.